Mathematics and Sciences

Our Philosophy:

   Science education is intended to create scientifically literate citizens who will be able to function in an increasingly technological world. Students will gain an understanding of how science creates new understandings, the limitations of science, and how it applies to their daily lives.

Essential Understandings:

    Science is not about finding the truth. It is about providing the best explanation based upon all current data. New data may require new explanations.There are a few fundamental forces in nature. These forces are responsible for the creation of the stars and planets, changes to the stars and planets, interactions between atoms and molecules, and motion. Life changes over time in response to changes in environment. The structure of matter is responsible for the physical and chemical properties of all substances, including living organisms. Energy is a fundamental concept in science, describing how forces affect motion, how atoms and molecules form chemical bonds, and how cells function.

    Teaching fraternity from the Mathematics and Science department:

  1. Mr. Samuel Wagura- Chemistry [Senior School]
  2. Mr. Robinson Alianda - Physics [Senior School]
  3. Mr. Moses Mwaniki - Mathematics [Senior School]
  4. Mr. Richard Nyamangwa- Mathematics & Physics [Senior School]
  5. Mr. Manasse Monday - Biology [Senior School]
  6. Mr. Moses Muthoka - Mathematics & Physics [Senior School]
  7. Mr. George Omollo -Mathematics [Senior School]
  8. Ms. Linda Nkatha - Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
  9. Ms. Jane Bowen - Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
  10. Ms. Jane Waitherero - Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
  11. Ms. Monicah Njoki - Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
  12. Mr. Edward kemboi - Science & Mathematics [Junior school]
  13. Ms. Juliet Fwaya - Science & Mathematics [Junior school]

    As a department, we always have a vision that guides the learners in realization of their goals and personal uniqueness such as being stasticians, medics and pharmacists etc.

Mr. Samuel Wagura-HOD Mathematics and Sciences


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Computer Science & I.T. Department

    We as a department ensure that the school is on the cutting edge of Computer Science and Information Technology. The department ensures integration of ICT in all departments in the school. Teachers and the leaner's engage in research work using the available internet.

    Our school offers Computer Science right from year one, to year thirteen. Being a programming oriented subject, it enables the young ones to start programming skills, right from year four when they are introduced to basic programming skills which enhance their computational thinking.

    We have two Computer labs well equipped and connected to the internet. Year 12 and year 13 are allowed to bring their laptops to school so that they can use purposely for research, project, coursework and to also, go through digital content that assists them in their study, so as to excel in exams.

    Our lessons are conducted with overhead projectors, which allow for easy interaction between the learners and the teacher. We believe in self initiated approach to learning, as the students feel part and parcel of the learning process.

The department conprises of two teachers, Mr. Gerald W. Ojode and Mr. George Omollo

Mr. Gerald W. Ojode- HOD Computer Science

Computer Science & I.T. Department staff

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Humanities Department

    The department is highly endowed with well experienced and highly qualified staff consisting of 12 members.

  1. Mr. Jackson Nderitu - The HOD,Geography, Economics and Business Studies teacher
  2. Mrs. Indira Rajan - History teacher
  3. Mr. William Odhiambo - Business studies and Geography
  4. Ms. Faith Wambugu - Accounts teacher
  5. Mr. Wycliff Onchiri - History teacher
  6. Ms. Loise Muthoni - Geography and Environmental Management teacher
  7. Mr.Anthony Musila, Music teacher
  8. Mr. Michael Ngunyi - Art and Design teacher
  9. Mrs.Sheela Vijayan - History and Geography teacher -Junior school
  10. Ms. Jane Bowen - Geography teacher -Junior school
  11. Mr. Yusuf Njoroge - Geography teacher -Junior school

    The department rides in its pride of being a natural leader in various subjects in the CIE examination bulletin. Since 2008-2015 Accounting has produced the best candidates in Kenya 6 times, economic- one time, environmental management- one time.

    The department also enjoys the wide range of subjects offered which require students with relevant knowledge and skills to their chosen lines of professionalism such as accounting and finance, economics, actuarial science, engineering, business and management courses etc.

    As a department we are committed to achieving a better performance than ever.

Mr. Jackson Nderitu - HOD Humanities Department

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Languages Department

    The school's English department comprises the best talent in the field of teaching of English language and literature. The activities range from arranging public speaking and poetry recitations to dramatic presentations during morning assembly.

    We also hold interclass and inter-house debates and most valued annual elocution contest.

    The editing of the school magazine is also one of our key activities. Our aim is to create a passionate love for English and its best literature. Our libraries and book store are fully equipped with the best of the English classics and books to give our students/pupils a deep and wide knowledge of skills in English.

    Each year, we add to our already existing store of books. We teach both English Language and literature upto A Levels. The school also holds CIE and Checkpoints in English. We also offer French upto A levels.

    Ms. Emily is in charge of the junior school English department. We have posted good results in international examinations over the years and achieved some 'Top in Kenya' awards in both English and literature. We are very grateful to the principal and the school management board for their continued support for this department.

Mrs. Kavita Aggrwal


The department consist of 4 members:

  1. Mrs.Kavita Aggrwal - The HOD,English and Literature teacher
  2. Ms.Jane Njambi-English and Literature teacher
  3. Mr.Leon Kabemba - French teacher
  4. Ms.Mercy Chepkemoi-English and Literature teacher
  5. Ms.Mollyesther Nanjala -English and Literature teacher
  6. Ms.Quinter Juma -Senior School Librarian

Mrs. Kavita Aggrwal-HOD Languages Department

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Internal Examinations Department


    The Examination Department and Related Resources deals with all internal examinations (Mid-term, End-term and Mocks)in senior school.

    This is where all the past papers are stored (internal and International ones-checkpoint, IGCSE, GCE.)

    The H.O.D Exams also sets the deadlines for setting exams and timetables (exams timetable, invigilation, and sitting arrangement schedules) conducts proof-reading with a panel of teachers; oversees photocopying of examinations and makes sure all exams are done on time during the examination period.

Mr. Richard Nyamangwa- HOD Internal Examination Department

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Sports and Games Department

    The sports department at Melvin Jones Lions Academy prides itself on encouraging all students to participate fully in physical education and sports lessons. Through a range of physical activities, students develop improved skill levels, self-esteem, interdependence and knowledge of health matters. Our philosophy is to instil a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity by giving each student as much experience and information as possible to enable them to make their own decisions regarding physical activity.

    It is expected that everyone will enjoy and be fully engaged in all P.E and games lessons. All pupils are expected to do their very best regardless of natural ability, and are encouraged to work hard to master new skills

Main Sports
  • Term one - Cricket, Rounders, Athletics , Cross-Country and basketball.
  • Term Two - Hockey and Swimming
  • Soccer , Netball and basketball.

The school competes against other schools in the above sports.


    Our students have represented the school in swimming and basketball against other schools with very commendable results. It's the intention of the school to produce the best students sports personality to be able to compete with others when they leave school. Students are chosen to represent the school and to compete against other Kenyan Schools. Our teams have a successful record in competitive sport, where the aim is to develop good sportsmanship as well as competing to win.

Mr. Martin Kasamba- HOD P.E and Games

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Key Stage One Department

    This is the latest department to be constituted in the Junior Wing of Melvin Jones Lions Academy. The sole purposes being to coordinate better the curriculum implementation at Key Stage One level. This department is composed of all teachers handling year one to year three in all subjects.

    The Key Stage One staff include:-

  1. Ms. Ingrid Wanjehia-Senior Teacher
  2. Mr.Michael Ngunyi
  3. Mr. Anthony Musila
  4. Ms. Juliet Fwaya
  5. Mr. George Omollo
  6. Ms. Monica Njoki
  7. Mr. Edward Kemboi
  8. Ms. Jane Bowen
  9. Ms. Jane Waitherero
  10. Mr. Collins Moses Odhiambo
  11. Ms. Miriam Joan Kwayo
  12. Ms. Orpher Ndumba
  13. Ms. Mercy Kagira- Librarian

Mr. Moses Mwaniki-Deputy Principal, Junior School

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    In the Junior Wing, we strive to ensure that every learner achieves their maximum potential by equipping them with the right values, skills, attitudes, knowledge and discipline. The wing comprises of classes one to six (ages 6 to about eleven) with a class capacity of approximately 40 pupils. The subjects taught include: English, Mathematics, Science, French, Music, Computer Science,Geography, History,General Knowledge, Art, P.E and Swimming.

State-of-the-art facilities continue to be integrated into our framework to ensure that learners enjoy the best services that we can ably extend to them. Here, learners are encouraged to be highly inquisitive and to actively play a part in their development as well as being challenged and given the opportunity to discover their abilities through activities like: Debates, Elocution, Projects, Talent search and Inter-house challenge quiz as well as Sporting activities that include: Rounders, Swimming, Hockey, Football, Netball, Athletics and Basketball. Our learners are also actively involved in charitable activities that take place termly.
Ms. Ingrid Wanjiru Wanjehia
Senior Teacher- Junior School

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SCHOOL MOTTO:    Excellence In Education And Service Through Diligence...        MISSION :    To Empower The Learner With Holistic Education For Self-actualisation..        VISION:   To Become An Enviable Center Of Excellence In Education,that Fosters Graduates able to go Forth And Enhance Humanity Through Noble Service.....