Melvin Jones Lions Academy 2016/2017 - Academic Year Student Goverment

2019/2020 Senior School Captain-Boys

    Another academic year has come to an end here at Melvin Jones Lions Academy and it has been by far the most exciting of the 12 that I have spent in this institution. Throughout those years, Melvin has never ceased to give me opportunities to break out of my shell, push my limits and try new things through academics, stage performances and sport, and for sure, they save the best for the last. I am truly grateful for being the head boy the academic year of 2019/2020.

    As head prefect of the school, I have learnt a lot. First was that humble beginnings are the genesis of a greater future. For me, it was the responsibility of being the entertainment prefect when I started form 4. It was a newly introduced position in the prefect's body so no one really took it that seriously and that attitude soon rubbed off on me and so was not that productive in my field; I take this opportunity to apologize for that. But during this past year, I was challenged by the senior deputy principal, Mr Juma, to fully exploit the team of prefects, the head girl and I were leading installing into my mind that there is no small job in this world but all are important. Think of it this way; your hand missing its smallest finger.

    The importance of teamwork was also a lesson I learnt and one I will soon not forget. Truly, little can be done when working alone. The groups of prefects chosen for this past academic year were very co-operative, diligent and honorable but most of my appreciation goes to the head girl, Anagha Nair. Her work ethic was commendable and we equally shared the pressure of our responsibilities as head prefects. Even though Anagha and I were bitter rivals because of our different houses (Nile and Niger respectively), I would say that our partnership and in turn our leadership was very effective.

    Away from me being head boy, having being in this institution for over a decade, you would be right to say that Melvin Jones now has a place in my heart. If only I could stay for another decade or so far that portion to grow even bigger. As a student goes through Melvin, that student is natured, inspired, challenged, molded and loved and I can testify that this is true. You will never fail to find extraordinary students and staff members as you move from door to door within the school grounds and it is sad for me to leave. Like Melvin, I saved the best for last; I thank god for taking Melvin Jones and myself this far!!    Adios Melvin!!


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2019/2020 Junior School Captain-Boys

    Having served as Junior School Head-boy, have had enjoyable moments. Most especially, being on duty always has given me the morale to keep going .

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our able Principal, Mr. Robinson Alianda, for entrusting me with this role. I cannot forget to thank Mr.Moses Mwaniki for his support and To Mrs. Jane Bowen Mwangi, my Lower Primary class teacher.There was a lot of fun in the many trips that Madam Jane initiated for us that will forever be engraved in my mind.I appreciate Mr. Peter Kamau my Upper Primary class teacher who has been my pillar of strength althrough.To all my Junior School teachers I say thank you.

    To my fellow pupils, I salute you for the confidence you have had in me. Entirely, I owe the leadership skills, confidence, self esteem to Melvin Jones Lions Academy. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. GOD BLESS YOU!

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2019/2020 Senior School Captain-Girls

    The ecstatic feeling of being a student leader is not something I will get used to, even in the next million years! Melvin Jones has moulded me into a person I never thought I would become. Hit the rewind button to about 7 years ago, when I had just joined this school as the really short and plain, buck-toothed girl. That girl would have doubted the possibility of such a drastic metamorphosis! I found myself actively taking part in various competitions, speaking in front of large crowds quite effortlessly. I had the pleasure of hosting the Annual Prize Giving Day for six years.

    I discovered a whole new life beyond books and successfully mastered the art of juggling sports, extra-curricular activities and education at the same time. Some would say, 'That's too much to handle!' or 'It's a distraction' but Melvin told me 'It's everything a good student should entail. ' Not everybody gets out of high school unscathed. I have also had my ups and downs. Without the guidance of my teachers, this quest of success would not have come to fruition. Words can't describe the gratitude I have for every member of staff for they are the driving force behind my success.

    The end is here, yet I am not so glad to accept despite anticipating it every time. As I leave, I leave as a refined adult, for I'm no longer a child. As a head girl, I discovered that it isn't about me, it's about US! I became everything all at once; an intermediary, a sister and most importantly, a voice! A voice that speaks for the students' body and that, I consider an honour. Thank you Melvin Jones!


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2019/2020 Junior School Captain-Girls

    This past year has been one of my most amazing years I have been through in Melvin Jones. "Why is this?" you may ask. It is because I have been a headgirl of the Junior School. I learnt more about the school than ever before; like the name of each and every pupil. I also learnt a few tricks here and there on how to take care of a large number of people by myself. I had the pleasure of being a role model to the younger children. It made me feel encouraged when a Class One Child would come up to me and say "hello". In fact, them just knowing my name used to lift my spirits on a gloomy day.

    The challenge that I had this year was juggling my academics with my duties as headgirl and believe you me it's not easy but I got through it with the help of the Assistant headgirl, Shakshi Patel. She helped me with my duties and when I was absent for one reason or the other she took my place. So I want to thank Shakshi for all her help. I also had a lot of help from the headboy, Purva Patel. He has been a good partner and he was very easy to work with. With co-workers like those, being a headgirl wasn't so hard. I also had to work with the rest of the prefects to ensure good discipline. They really proved that hard work pays off.

    My reign as headgirl is now over but here is my advice to the incoming headgirl or the prefects body in general; Be humble and approachable. Delegate as much as you can but take responsibility. Remember to be disciplined wherever you are so that you can set a good example for the young ones to follow. Also never favour your friends. If your friends expect you to favour them they are not true friends. So choose your friends wisely. You might lose a few friends when you're a prefect but it's worth it.


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