Deputy Principal - Senior School

   The office supports the Principal in providing both strategic and day to day leadership of the school. It's also delegated to exercise direct responsibility in specifically designated areas including teaching and learning, quality improvement and compliance processes, marketing, human resources and parent/community relations. The office is responsible for student discipline, classroom observations, teacher evaluation and supervision, facilitating parent meetings, maintain schedules, and handling logistical matters. Additionally the duties include testing coordinators, training staff on procedures related to standardized assessment, as well as accounting for testing materials. The office also oversees the maintenance of attendance records and personnel reports. Meetings with staff and parents to discuss policies, educational activities and students learning or behavioural problems are also handled by the office. Counsel and guidance to students recording academic, personal, behavioural or vocational issues are dealt with along with enforcing attendance and discipline rules. Other administrative tasks such as processing paperwork and preparing or maintain information files, records and reports re done and the office also handles complaints, resolves conflicts or grievances and settle disputes.

   The office works very closely with the principal on a daily basis to ensure the smooth overall operation of the school. Together they improve the learning and social environment of the school for the students. Resolving conflicts between students (which involves the Prefect body), teachers, parents or combination of conflicts between various individuals is important. The office also assist in yearly teacher evaluations, assists in providing guidance to staff and students, and encourages a positive climate in the school. Another core duty of the office is to direct assemblies and other special gatherings of students for events throughout the year. Where necessary the office assists in developing emergency response plans for the school as required by state and education agencies. In Melvin Jones this office forms a very integral part and the deputy principal assumes the office of acting principal in the absence of the Principal. Together with the team of staff and support staff, the school is one.

   Well oiled machinery that is offering excellence in education and service delivery through diligence. Our aim is to empower the learner with holistic education for self actualization.

Mr. Gerald W. Ojode

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Deputy Principal - Junior School

    The junior wing of the Melvin Jones Lions Academy like the senior wing had its humble beginning at the premises of our sister school, Lions Primary School.

    The wing only came down to our current premises in September 1998 where we have grown by leaps and bounds to our current stream of a total population of about 185 pupils. The school follows the British curriculum N.C.E. ie National Curriculum of Education. We offer the following subjects English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Music, Pastoral Education, French, Fine Art, Physical Education, Computer science and swimming.

    We strive to offer quality education and thus, the pupils also undertake a wide range of co- curricular activities like sports and games as well as academically based activities like clubs. The pupils are provided with exercise books and recommended standard textbooks. We boast of a well- equipped science laboratory, library and an internet-connected computer lab.

    The junior school has an excellent and devoted staff of 12 teachers with 2 assistants who help in doing remedial work as well as dealing with pupils who have learning difficulties. The teachers have over the years inculcated in the pupils a culture of hard work and discipline to prepare them for future challenges.

Mr. Moses Mwaniki

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SCHOOL MOTTO:    Excellence In Education And Service Through Diligence...        MISSION :    To Empower The Learner With Holistic Education For Self-actualisation..        VISION:   To Become An Enviable Center Of Excellence In Education,that Fosters Graduates able to go Forth And Enhance Humanity Through Noble Service.....