The Careers department provides our pupils and students with the advice they require to make informed A level and Pre-U choices and also guides them through their university application.

The guidance we provide about options, careers and courses plays an invaluable part in the development and fulfilment of our pupils and students.

In year 8, students are taken through a careers talk to establish their areas of strength and possible future careers. Each student is advised and encouraged to research these careers and also discuss their choice of subjects for Years 8,10 and 11. In this way, we ensure that students make a set of coherent choices, consistent with their career aspirations.

In Year 12, students are encouraged to start thinking about their university application. The department runs a short course, explaining the process of the application. There's then time and opportunity for individual research into universities and the courses on offer. In their final year, students who wish to join UK universities are advised on writing their UCAS reference.

Mr. Jackson Nderitu
Head of Careers.
Miss.Faith Wambugu
Assistant Head of Careers.

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