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MOTTO: Excellence in education and service through diligence

MISSION: To empower the learner with holistic education for self-actualization

VISION: To become an enviable centre of excellence in education, that fosters graduates able to go forth and enhance humanity through noble service.

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From itís inception in 1993, The Academy has been on an upward trajectory in all facets of academics.I thank the members of staff for embracing the spirit of team work and ultimately every ounce of energy, ideas and creativity from them has immensely led to a fantastic development and advancement of the school.. Special thank you also goes to our students who are always ready and willing to go an extra mile to achieve their targets. I also take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, the Lions Club of Nakuru for the faith and trust they have bestowed in me to take the school to the next level. Last, but not least, the School Administrator, Mrs. Jaswinder Bhangu for her warm welcome, encouragement and daily support to ensure the institution runs smoothly.

The 2017/2018 academic year was a success by all standard of measure. Students participated in many activities, often emerging with honours. The elocution contest was a master piece. The arrays of performances left the audience yearning for more. Inter-class debates epitomised what we are all about- In our classes. Students exhibited high level of self confidence which is an important skill and a key ingredient for public speaking. Yet it is worth noting that in the latest ranking for the CIE international examinations 2017, May/June series, Melvin scooped five positions. The Academy has established itself as a power house in international examinations. The list of the students and the individual awards is as shown:
  • Best AS student in Kenya-Manraj Singh Dhillon
  • Top in Kenya, Physics, AS-level examinations-Manraj Singh Dhillon
  • Top in Kenya, Accounting, AS level-Manraj Singh Dhillon
  • Top in Kenya , English Language, AS -level-Shweta Mukeshbhai Patel
  • Top in Kenya, Accounting, A level-Nikita Lotiya

This crop of students has inspired the other students because against all odds, they have proved that working hard consistently does pay. With limited resources, the School has shown that it can compete on the same level with fellow acclaimed schools. This culture of success must be inculcated in every student in the academy. The challenge to all stakeholders is bringing up another generation of students with the same zeal and will-power to excel.

Away from academics, this academic year also saw Prince Fortune of year 5 participating in the little Mr. Kenya annual competition. With the same determination like his seniors, he emerged victorious and is the reigning Junior Mr. Kenya. With this achievement, corporates have been eager to enlist him in their commercials. Yet another feather in our hat was selection of Daniel Kiragu, Year 11 student as one of the four best junior Golfers in the country.

In line with the selection, he represented the country in an international Golf tournament held in Marrakech, Morocco. Still across the borders, the Melvin team that participated in the World Scholars Cup held in Athens, Greece did extremely well with Amara Kandimalla emerging as the 10th top scholar in Africa and Isaac Mwangi taking the 18th position in the Junior category. This is a highlight of the top achievers, but all the students who participated in the forum scooped individual awards, coupled with the experience of visiting sites of ancient Greek civilization. The Presidential Award scheme scooped a first one when they were invited to visit His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi. This experience motivated the students and they had a lot to learn. All this is in the frame work of our academic programmes that focuses on holistic education. Research shows that learners excel and exceed their expectations when learning and teaching takes place in a conducive environment. These achievements have been possible because of the conducive environment provided to the students to maximise their potential.

In the lode of change, this academic year has seen inculcation of new policies to monitor the behaviour of our students. We have introduced a card system of rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad ones. This system has remarkably improved the discipline of our students who have clear expectations and has ensured uniformity, fairness and a quantifiable way of tracking the studentís behaviour. Classrooms management strategies and new pedagogical modes of instructions have made our lessons to be more appealing, engaging and multi sensory. Yet learning takes place within and out of classrooms. My appeal to the entire Melvin Jones lions Academy is that this is the moment to mentor and give directions to our children. While we will strive to do our best in modelling them, it will be prudent if the same message is reinforced at home by parents and guardians. In an era of technological advancement, caution need to be taken into account to ensure our children use online platforms wisely.

As a towering academic giant in international examinations, Melvin Jones lions Academy will strive to inculcate values in the learners that will make them globally competitive. This includes, but not limited to embracing diversity, environmental awareness, tolerance, leadership and citizenship. I am particularly impressed by the level of commitment and dedication that the learners have shown. After one week of joining the institution, a year 8 student, Isaac Njuguna read a poem on the assembly about the new Principal that got me emotional and felt the overwhelming welcome. An inner voice whispered to me-this is where you belong! It is a microcosm of who we are, whatever section you look at, Excellence is the overriding theme. Our name in this town, country and globally must be guarded jealously by all stakeholders. On the same note, I will humbly request the parents, guardians and all those who are attached to our school to facilitate platforms where students can nurture their talents, while balancing with their academic work or after they have finished their studies. My office will be open to such a discussion because I want the best for my students.

The success of this academic year would not have been achieved if not for the sound leadership of the Chairman of the School Management Board, Lion Arun Shah and the entire board. The extend of the support has been incredible and I am optimistic that as we welcome the 2018/2019 academic year, our established networks and systems of working will be strengthened. The teamwork spirit exhibited by all the staff has been overwhelming , whether it is a teacher who sacrifices his or her family time for the sake of guiding the candidates, or the cleaners who make the school clean for learning to take place. Those are our heroes and heroines. It makes our school unique because everyone enjoys what he or she is doing and derives happiness in seeing a task done. For all the staff members, I could never have wished for a better team than you. We will walk this journey together because we want to go further and not just far. As your team leader, you can count on my support at all times. I cannot mention all incredible and awesome people who have made Melvin Jones Lions Academy a success. Stay safe always, and when in doubt, always ask. Let us all prepare to welcome the 2018/2019 academic year.

I convey my best wishes to you all.


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